Your Guide to Wine Walls and Wine Display Units

Your wine selection should be proudly on display no matter if it’s in a hotel, bar or restaurant. The best way to showcase your selection of wines and other bottles is in a wine display cabinet, wine wall or shelving unit. It’s widely reported that eye-catching and well-designed wine displays can encourage customers to purchase wine and in turn, improve wine sales.


The initial starting point when working towards creating a striking wine wall or display unit is having an idea or concept of how you envision it to look. Whether you have an existing unit that needs refurbishing or have found images from past projects that catch your eye, it’s ideal to have a concept in mind. If you don’t have a wine wall or wine display unit concept in mind, you can approach a product designer who will be able to sketch a few for you. By having visual sketches or plans it will help you to visualize the product and decide which style or theme you like.

Will you opt for a more traditional wine display or unit made of warm woods and rich stained veneers or do the clean, modern glass and metallic wine display unit appeal to you?

During the concept stage, you can explore the options available to you depending on your budget and design expectations. When working with a product designer it will be necessary to conduct a site survey in order to view the space and take measurements for the accuracy of design.

Wine Wall - Seven Hotel


Whether your wine wall is for storage or display purposes, the design is crucial. Your unit needs to be aesthetically pleasing whilst being functional for the storage and display of your wine selection.

Once you have a concept in mind, the design should follow thereafter. Design features such as lighting, materials and colour should be considered, product designers can liaise with other onsite trades to ensure your project runs smoothly. Your wine wall display unit should be a striking piece of joinery and be finished to the highest quality.


A wine display unit can have either toughened glass or wooden doors and should close easily with sufficient seals to ensure the wine is kept at the correct temperature for consumption. You can create a wine wall or wine display unit with a system that controls the temperature to ensure the wine is stored correctly and isn’t compromised.

Glass sliding doors can be a more practical choice of door as opposed to hinged glass doors within a restaurant or bar where waiting staff are rushing around during busy periods. Employees and customers for that matter, are at less risk of accident or injury with a sliding door that doesn’t protrude or get accidentally left open like a hinged door might.

Dark Wooden Wine Wall Unit


The stain of wood you choose should you not opt for a glass cabinet, should reflect the design scheme you already have within your hospitality venue or are planning to implement, this can be discussed with a designer to ensure you select the correct materials and stains for the project.


Security of the wine within the wine cabinet is also a consideration. A wine unit needs to be easily lockable for when the dining areas are not in use and therefore this should be incorporated into the overall design without looking too obtrusive.

Another way to ensure your wine is kept impeccable is by choosing doors with anti-UV light protection that can block harmful UV rays from damaging the wine. Therefore, it’s advisable to choose LED lighting to illuminate the inside of the display unit –  LED lighting doesn’t compromise the wine but will highlights the unit beautifully and add a stunning depth to the display without becoming warm and heating the wine.

Do you have a concept in mind for a wine display unit or wine wall?