It’s Never Been a Better Time to Buy British

As we all brace ourselves against the challenges that currently face the UK economy, business owners across the country are considering contingency planning and underpinning their supply chains to weather the storm ahead. The ongoing uncertainty of continuity of supply when importing FF+E from Europe strengthens the business case for buying from British bespoke furniture manufacturers.

Some hotels with stronger balance sheets are considering undertaking bespoke bedroom furniture refurbishments whilst they experience reduced occupancies this Summer in the hope that they can come back stronger with improved guestrooms and rates at the end of the year.

As British manufacturing businesses seek some positives wherever they can in these uncertain times, there has never been a better time to work closer together and for clients to support British manufacturing.

British manufacturing of bespoke bedroom furniture

Furnotel are here to help in any way we can with high-quality bespoke bedroom furniture and bespoke furniture design coupled with a reliable service that you can always trust even in these most challenging of times.

We have done everything to safeguard the supply British manufacturing and bespoke furniture design to our hotel projects and to assure our loyal customers that we will continue to work tirelessly to keep production and deliveries moving to ensure that refurbished rooms re-open on time.

British manufacturing continuously evolves as new technologies enter the arena which results in the need to train workers and keep the workforce up to date with incoming advancements. The current lack of such training is certainly not helping the ever worsening situation with the manufacturing skills gap. Just like the construction industry and the NHS, British manufacturers rely on the movement of people from the EU in an attempt to bridge the skills gap. Post Brexit, this situation will not be helped and as such initiatives need to be promptly found to start training our school leavers on the benefits of working within progressive British manufacturing companies.

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