Furniture Finance

Spread the Cost

What are the Benefits?

No “Unforeseen” Charges

You can include the cost of installation and planned maintenance in the capital cost. There is no baffling paperwork or complex jargon and our finance partnerships will make speedy credit decisions.

Keep Your Money for Longer

Create an instant cash flow benefit by spreading the costs. You can retain capital in the bank for when your business most needs it.

Defer Payments

Don’t wait for next years’ budget, our financing options allow you to defer payments for up to six months. This allows you to benefit from new casegoods now, rather than waiting.

Decreased Tax Rate

As part of your lease rental, the payments you make are 100% tax allowable against your profits.

Protect your Credit

By choosing the leasing option you are able to protect other lines of credit that you possess. For example, any overdrafts or loans. This in turn, means you are able to conserve credit availability.

No Increased Bank Rates

You pay the same amount as your lease rental agreement is on a fixed interest basis. Even if bank rates rise, your payments remain the same.

Tailored to You

Furnotel understands the hospitality industry operates seasonally and therefore are able to offer businesses an agreement that has seasonal repayment holidays and don’t leave you short.

Return on Investment Visibility

Keep important stakeholders and directors happy by demonstrating a return on investment from day one, as the goods are paid for regularly.

Finance Options to Suit You

Standard Terms

The standard way to pay for your furniture and casegoods is within 30 days once an invoice has been issued following the delivery of your furniture (a deposit may be required, subject to status). Once the invoice has been settled in full, you will be the title owner of the goods.

Lease Rental

Lease rental allows you to have and use the furniture from date of delivery, however, you are not the owner of the furniture and casegoods until the agreement has been completed. Once the agreement is complete, you have the choice to purchase the goods for a fee.

Lease rental has many options including being able to create a payment plan or stepped lease to pay for maintenance to suit your seasonal budget. Plus being able to upgrade items towards the end of your contract by extending your agreement and keeping the same payment plan to cover incurred costs.

Hire Purchase

Another financing option is hire purchase. This entails you paying the first instalment plus full VAT for your casegoods or furniture. The title is then transferred to you, however, if a payment was to default, it would be transferred to our finance partners.

If you would like to speak with a member of our team to discuss your financial business needs, do not hesitate to call us.