Smart Solutions for Tea and Coffee Making Facilities

With 165 million cups of tea consumed daily, it’s little wonder that one of the most common questions about hotels on Trip Advisor is “are there tea and coffee making facilities in the room?”

The thought of missing out on that morning brew or caffeine fix is a deal breaker. Hoteliers and hotel interior designers know that in the UK tea and coffee making facilities (TCMF) are as important to many people as a comfortable bed! With this in mind it is important for them to be incorporated into the hotel room design in the least intrusive way possible, whether this is on show or hidden away within a well- designed piece of furniture.

The current trend is to keep all desk work surfaces clean and clear when the guest enters the room and with this in mind, the TCMF tray needs to be easily located and easy to use.

Hotel room purpose built tea and coffee shelf
Holiday Inn Express, Exeter

Purpose-Built Shelf

In many hotels, you will find the tea and coffee making facilities on a tray on the desk, which also doubles up as a dressing table. Taking up valuable working space with these facilities could be avoided by installing a small purpose-built shelf either to the side of the desk attached to the wall or above the desk. This is particularly appropriate if a TV is not wall mounted and also resides on the desk.

Illuminated Display Shelf

If space allows, a self-contained shelving unit displaying the tea and coffee making facilities is a stylish way of incorporating them into the design of the room. This can be elaborated upon with the addition of lighting illuminating the shelf. Practical and chic.

Pull out Shelf

A clever way to store tea and coffee making facilities is on a pull-out shelf. Often situated below the desk a small shelf on soft close runners, out of the way, yet easy to access in the location where it is needed, right next to a plug. The guest can either lift the tray on to the desk or alternatively make their drink within the pull-out drawer. If drinks are to be made within the drawer itself, the drawer will need to be appropriately lined to account for spillages.

Wooden hotel bedroom pull out tea and coffee draw

Deep Drawer

Similarly, a deep drawer in the desk can be used to keep the tea and coffee making facilities discreet by hiding them from view.

Low-Level Cupboard

If you are blessed with space, a low-level cupboard containing the tea and coffee making facilities is an excellent option. By keeping them concealed they don’t encroach on the design or space within the room keeping the room appearance uncluttered and tidy.

Drop-down Cupboard

Another ingenious way to store away tea and coffee making facilities is on a roller shelf within a drop-down cupboard. This works best in larger rooms/suites that have sufficient circulation space to accommodate the cupboard door.

Wardrobe Shelving

Again, if floor space is an issue, why not use a section within the wardrobe to stow away tea and coffee making facilities. As before, a pull-out shelf can be incorporated for ease of use. Going a step further why not fit a carousel shelf to the door?

hotel bedroom in wardrobe tea and coffee making shelves

On Show

Of course, you can just embrace tea and coffee making facilities and make them a tasteful part of the room décor by choosing a brushed chrome kettle, attractive mugs and an ultra-stylish coffee machine.

Using this kind of contemporary tea and coffee making facilities enhances and advertises guest in-room services. By contrast, using cheap plastic kettles, mugs and trays can make even the most upmarket hotel room feel just a little bit too much like a seaside bed and breakfast house.

Black and glass hotel desk with tea and coffee on show

Any of the above solutions can be achieved by our Technical Design team and in-house production team. Our designers specialise in hospitality interior design, they are skilled in identifying the requirements, concerns and technicalities of making the most of your limited hotel bedroom space in a stylish manner.

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