How to Make Hotel Storage Work with Your Current Room Space

Before you think about hotel storage solutions, think about the demographics of your guest. Couples visiting for a mini-break will clearly have different storage requirements to those travelling for business and only stopping for one night. The hotel’s ALOS figures (average length of stay) and the reason for guest stays will have a significant impact on the type of storage options your guest requires.

Once you have a clear picture of what is needed, there are several ways to optimise your hotel room storage without negatively affecting the look or flow of your guestroom footprint. Think smart design that is fit for purpose while also delivering a distinctive feel.

Discover our top four tips for integrating storage into your hotel room design.

Four Ways to Maximise Hotel Room Storage

1. Desk

An essential part of your hotel room design, the desk area, should be exploited to its full capacity. A desk drawer can be designed to be deep enough to integrate the tea and coffee making facilities leaving the desk top clean and clear. A number of small drawers can also be designed within the desk providing further storage. As the desk, will often double up as a dressing table these drawers can be used to house small cosmetics keeping the room looking uncluttered for the duration of your guest’s stay.

2. Wardrobes

OK, this might seem like an obvious one, but is it? If you are a budget property catering to business travellers who typically only stay one or two nights in a single occupancy room, then a large wardrobe unit is not required. A shelving unit providing a small amount of space to hang a shirt, suit or dress, will offer all the storage your guest needs without eating into valuable floor space.

For larger rooms, opt for bespoke pieces made to fit, especially if your guests tend to stay for durations of three nights or more. A hotel within an attractive high activity tourist area may see guests staying for a much longer duration; in this case, plentiful smart storage is certainly required.

By compartmentalising a wardrobe, you can create an abundance of storage space. A high shelf can be an ideal place to keep essentials such as additional pillows without encroaching on the hanging space. In addition to this consider whether a chest of drawers can be concealed in the wardrobe to provide extra space for clothing. Could some additional shelving utilise the space to the side of your hanging rail? Consider how much your client is likely to be hanging up during their stay, a full rail may not be necessary for shorter stays.

The wardrobe is also perfect for concealing items that you would not want on show in the room such as an iron, ironing board, safe or shoe cleaner. Also, items such as tea and coffee making facilities can be tucked away neatly, leaving the desk space clear. Often a slide out tray for your drinks essentials is a perfect solution.

For luxurious hotel rooms the mini bar can be located within the wardrobe unit, perhaps on a shelf or even on top of an integral set of drawers. By hiding as much as possible the room feels large, tidy and offers a comfortable customer experience.

For dark or smaller rooms, consider incorporating glass or mirrors into your wardrobe doors to bounce light back into the room; giving the appearance of more space.

3. Bathroom storage

Provide adequate space in the bathroom for hanging towels and storing toiletries so these items will not need a home in the main bedroom area. Opt for a vanity unit with plenty of under sink storage for all the little personal care items needed by your guests, such as wash bags. Again, if your hotel caters for solo travellers, then remove twin vanities and offer more sink top space. A small shelf can often work well for a few items if space surrounding the sink is sparse.

4. Go wall mounted

A wall mounted TV immediately frees up desk space, leaving room for paperwork, laptops and mobile devices. You can optimise the space even further with a TV surround which could house the remote control or other items. If your room space allows, a room divider provides a physical divide between the work area and the sleep area of your guest room. Bespoke wall dividers can also include power sockets and other storage; making them a very practical addition to your space.

Wall mounted shelves are another great storage idea and can also be used for housing decorative items or books. A mirror can even provide extra storage solutions, a full-length mirror could be designed to house an ironing board for example. Incorporate clever storage ideas into your hotel interior design and immediately win back additional floor space in your guest rooms, by creating a comfortable and tidy environment.

Make the most of your hotel storage options. If you require more information contact our experienced hotel furniture design team on 08456 718 656.

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