Hotel Bedroom Casegoods for Over 3000 Holiday Inn Rooms

Kew Green own and manage over 26 Holiday Inn hotels throughout the UK and have closely worked with Furnotel to help refurbish over 3000 hotel guest bedrooms.

The recent acquisition of Kew Green saw a large number of their hotels undergo refurbishment to meet brand guidelines and guest standards. Having worked closely with Furnotel’s sister company Lugo, Kew Green selected Furnotel as their casegoods manufacturer.

The Venue

Kew Green’s portfolio includes hotel brands such as Holiday Inn, Holiday Inn Express, Hampton by Hilton and Crowne Plaza. These hotels operate at either a three or four-star level but due to a recent acquisition, they were required to be brought up to a standard consistent throughout the portfolio. Furnotel worked alongside Lugo to help modernise over 3000 hotel rooms with new, contract quality casegoods and loose furniture.

Overview and Scope

With the existing casegoods either being too worn or not meeting the branding standards, Furnotel was required to design, manufacture and supply a large of hotel headboards, desks and wardrobes for the hotel guestrooms. Together the client’s Property Director and Furnotel’s Managing Director, Lee Marvin, specified the design of the new casegoods for the various hotels throughout the UK. The designs differ depending on the room size with additional features being added for executive guest rooms.

Holiday Inn Hotel Bedroom Desk and Chair

The Brief

In addition to updating the loose furniture in the numerous Holiday Inn hotels, Kew Green required modern casegoods to complete the refurbishment process. A neutral colour palette of light oak and walnut was specified to compliment the overall interior design scheme and soft furnishings that Lugo were supplying. Updating the numerous guest bedrooms also included designing casegoods with features such as USB sockets and built in lights.


The overall design of the casegoods for Kew Green’s hotels followed a similar brief with slight colour and size adjustments being made for the larger, executive rooms.

Furnotel specified and manufactured laminate headboards with space saving floating shelves either side. The headboards were designed to accommodate lights and switches to allow more space on the shelf for the guest’s belongings. This also works well for housekeeping who don’t have to worry about moving heavy bedside tables in order to clean. The wardrobes were designed with both hanging space and shelves to accommodate the differing needs of hotel guests. An ironing board was also incorporated into the space above the shelving. This feature helps to keep the room clutter free and saves floor space for additional loose furniture.

A mini fridge unit was also incorporated into the desks for the larger, executive rooms. Furnotel’s team had to adjust the design of desk to accommodate for the electrical elements and ventilation fan. The casegoods were produced in a light Westminster Oak for standard rooms and Tiepolo Walnut for executive guestrooms.

Holiday Inn Bedroom Furniture


The installation team had to work to each hotel’s specific schedule and time frame to ensure each phase was completed on time. On average, eight hotel rooms were having furniture and casegoods installed at a time which meant the hotels could continue running with minimal disruption or loss of revenue. During the project, Furnotel’s team was required on different sites on the same day which was challenging but an aspect of the project that Furnotel managed well.

Casegoods such as the wardrobes were required to be assembled on site due to the impracticality of maneuvering such large pieces of furniture during transports and once on site.

Over the course of four years, the Furnotel team successfully installed hotel casegoods in over 3000 guest bedrooms for Kew Green and the Holiday Inn brand, a testament to their professionalism and expertise.

Are you considering new hotel casegoods for your guest bedrooms?